Thick Pack

By @activeliferx

Build thick abs, eliminate back pain and support a worthy cause this summer.

Thick Pack Workouts

About Thick Pack

A rock solid core (even one hiding under a layer of good times) protects your back and enhances athletic performance.

Program Details

  • 30 workouts designed by The Active Life doctors to improve midline stability
  • Thick Pack workouts should be completed AFTER your normal daily workout
  • Most sessions take less than 20 minutes to complete
  • Repeat the program as often as you want

Only $49

No long term commitment
Buy it once. Own it forever.

thick pack

Thick Pack Workouts Improve:

  • low back stamina
  • anti rotational strength
  • anti extension strength
  • anti lateral flexion strength
  • anterior core control
  • postural stamina

With lots of:

  • Heavy carries
  • Low weight high rep sets of squats, deadlifts and box step ups
  • Heavy static holds
  • Planks and assorted ground work
  • Standing straight leg holds and other horrible core crushing movements

In Just 15-25 minutes per session:

  • Thick Pack Workouts should be done AFTER your normal daily training

Let’s Review:

  • Kick back pain to the curb
  • Improve performance
  • Earn meaty abs

Only $49

No long term commitment
Own the program until the sun burns out
Workouts open 1 June 2017
Thick Pack Group 1 starts on 5 June 2017

thick pack

Mobility & Strength Balance

Ever wonder why your knees and back hurt?
Maybe you have limited mobility or are horribly imbalanced. Good news! The Active Life Lower Body Mobility and Strength Balance Assessments are part of the Thick Pack program.

Flexibility and Mobility Assessments:

  • Ankle
  • Knee
  • Hip

Strength Balance Assessments:

  • Single Leg Bias
  • Lower Body Strength Stamina

It’s all included. Only $49.

No long term commitment
Own the program forever

Sample Thick Pack Workout

2 Rounds

  • Lateral Box Step Ups: x 5 each leg (Video)
  • Squat Press Outs: x 10 @ light weight using KB, DB or Plate (Video)
  • Groiners: x 10 (Video)

4 Rounds

  • Front Rack Hold**: 30 seconds @ 85% 1 rep max Front Squat (Video)
  • 1 Arm Farmer Carry: 30 meters Right Arm, go heavy (Video)
  • 1 Arm Farmer Carry: 30 meters Left Arm, go heavy (Video)

** Front Rack hold can be with a barbell, sandbag, sand ball or Atlas stone. Your choice.

If you’re using anything but a barbell be sure to hold it high on your chest.

thick pack

Equipment Requirements

I’ve completed every workout in the program with only:

  1. 100 pound Sand Ball (a round sandbag)
  2. 50 pound sandbag
  3. 36, 55 and 70 pound kettlebells
  4. Plyo Box with 20, 24 and 30 inch sides.

It’s nice to also have:

  1. barbell and weights
  2. farmer carry handles
  3. squat rack for the front rack holds
  4. more kettlebell and dumbbell options

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will a Thick Pack built by @activeliferx make me look better naked?
Answer: I don’t know what you’re implying but I’ve never seen you naked.

Question: I can’t start right away. Is that ok?
Answer: Yes, you have access to the program forever.

Question: My back hurts. Will this program help?
Answer: Absolutely.

Question: I’m a runner. Do I have to be familiar with CrossFit or weightlifting to participate?
Answer: Nope. Nothing in the program is overly technical and everything can be scaled.

Thick Pack

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